About Us


We understand the demands that modern families and single parent families have to deal with every day and the need for mom and dad to relax. Children also need to relax and satisfy their curiosity. Our inspiring wildlife experiences provide the ideal opportunity for families to strengthen their family ties and recharge their energy and creativity.

For photography enthusiasts: Join one of our photography safaris where you will not only see unique places and wildlife but are guaranteed opportunities to take those winning photos. We travel to a variety of exotic places with experts who will help you take your photography to a next level.

We also offer comfortable safari tours to the very best nature- and wildlife attractions South Africa has to offer for those who want to travel at their own pace or have special needs. Our independent safaris are ideal for solo travelers and small groups. We take responsibility for all your travel arrangements, bookings and activities according to your needs and budget. And we’ll add a free surprise or two - because you deserve it!

As responsible role-players in the tourism Industry, we actively support the following conservation programmes and encourage our guests to familiarise themselves with their values: